We are proud to have our hard work featured in major press & media channels. The team here at fat-off-fit-on are extremely grateful to be able to help the nation with a great cause.

We have made it our mission to help you.

Being recognized for the life changing work that we provide our community is a great way to show how valuable our fitness programs and training really are.

Paddy Lost 7 Stone in 6 Weeks

fat-off-fit-on has featured in Channel 5 Supersized Season Episode 3 ironically titled ‘no fatties allowed’ this featured Daniel, Alex and Scott on a three week weight loss journey..

Daniel unfortunately left the programme early as he had some personal problems to attend to at home, he is hoping to come back to continue his weight loss journey.

Alex and Scott both completed the three weeks and lost over 2 stone each.

Scott who is registered blind also completed a 200 length ‘blind’ swim to raise money for for Great Ormond Street whilst on the programme.

Steve Beer Lost 7 Stone in 5 Months

Steve Beer contacted us after seeing an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show where we featured in a six stone weight loss intervention. Shortly after this Channel % contacted us to enquire if we knew of any overweight people on Benefits.

We asked Steve if he wished to be put forward for an opportunity to be in a documentary titled ͚Benefits Too Fat To Work, he said yes please, and Steve and Michelle were filmed at their wedding with a wedding breakfast of Kebabs and chips, where he collapsed suffering a Stroke. Public outcry was immense and Steve was hounded for his controversial lifestyle. He contacted us and asked for help to change his life as he was afraid he would die. Steve and Michelle came to us at fat-off-fit-on and he could not even walk, he arrived on a mobility scooter, at 5 foot tall he weighed 34stone. After a spell with us he had lost over 7 stone and although had a long way to go was now able to live a normal life.

Steve says: As I said that fat-off -fit-on saved my life no doubt it, you will always be in my heart for that, you saved me from dying because I was, I have always mentioned you guys to people, even when on ITV͛s This Morning and other shows I have been on. At this moment I am doing ok, I am also going gym 3 times a week , I hope you have great success you do deserve it many thanks.